Updated Hotel Georgia

2 oz Odd Society Wallflower Gin

1 oz fresh lemon juice

.75 oz Mandarin Yuzu Orgeat (By Dylan Williams of Ms. Betters *recipe below*)

1 dash Ms. Betters Orange Tree Bitters

Optional: 1 large swath of pithless orange peel

1 egg white | Vegan option: 6 drops Ms. Betters Botanical Cocktail Foamer (Vegan foamer doesn’t need dry shake)

Nutmeg garnish

Combine ingredients in a shaker. Dry shake. Hard shake with ice. Fine strain into a chilled coupé. Grate nutmeg over top of drink to garnish. Optional: Heighten the orange notes by expressing a large pithless peel of orange into the shaker and dropping it in. The oils will interact with the drink in the shake and give you extra layers of complexity.




Photo credit: Tarquin Melnyk for justcocktails.org